A short summary of Julia packages I have been contributing to.

Data storage and manipulation

The StructArrays package provides an efficient implementation of the "array of structs to struct of arrays" transformation.

The packages JuliaDB and JuliaDBMeta add, on top of a "struct of arrays" container, the ability to perform standard data manipulation (groupreduce, groupby, join, stack, unstack, etc...) and a set of macros to simplify the API.

The ShiftedArrays package provides lazy shifted views of an array. It can be useful to store shifted views of a variable that is continuously recorded during an experiment, shifted relative to relevant events.

Visualizations and interactivity

Lately, I've been considering the exciting new high-performance plotting package Makie and wrote an API layer on top of it, AlgebraOfGraphics, to create data visualizations using the Makie infrastructure.

For building user-interfaces, I've contributed to the rewrite of a well-established Julia package, Interact, which now allows two-way communication between native HTML5 widgets and Julia to easily build web-apps.


The Remark package allows to create markdown-based presentations with Julia code.